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WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!! :) December 26, 2011

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Hi Everyone,

I have finally arrived!!! LOL

This blog will be dedicated to everything and anything.  I want to write about a lot of things such as beauty products, fashion, books I have read, movies, recipes, decorating ideas, music, anything that comes to mind.  The viewers, “if  there are any” can expect to see reviews on the things I buy, discount sites, shopping sites and in return, the viewers can give me feedback and suggestions on what they wanna see.  Now a days it seems like everyone has a blog and I know I am kinda late on the blogging band wagon but I feel it is never too late to join. :0)

I have a total obsession for anything that is beautiful and tend to spend too much money.  I absolutely love reading blogs and it has actually helped me tone down my spending because after seeing reviews on certain products, I kinda lose the urge to buy the product.  However, the other side of it is that blogs introduce new things that are out there which makes me eager to try out new products.  

I am so addicted to fashion, beauty and everything in life hence the name “4everaddicted” that I feel this is the perfect platform to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions and hopefully it will be helpful to others.  

Hopefully this will be a great experience…..